01 Oct

After injury and operation, patients require dressing material for wound recovery. The most important needs of patients are no Infection, fast Healing, optimal skin experience, durable wound coverage, and ease of use.

Indeed, there are many kinds of dressing materials in the market, but the most promising material is a hydrogel, which is also known as secondary skin or artificial skin, because of its features: super skin comfort, antibacterial, and drug load and release capability. 

However, current hydrogel also shows many limitations. (For example, squishy, low stickiness, low elongation, not waterproof, brittle, low durability, as well as short-term ability) These critical defects make hydrogel CAN NOT be applied massively in wound care.

So, it leads us to create a new generation of hydrogel, Bangel, to overcome the limitations and shortages of the existing hydrogel. Our innovative Bangel not only maintains all the same advantages of hydrogel but outperforms dramatically in all other aspects. 

Thanks to our technology, we make a revolution to give the hydrogel:

  • high waterproof ability from 0.  
  • 6 times high stickiness, 1.5-time elongation, so it could adhere to any part of the human body, even the elbow, and knees.  
  • 100 times long-term stability which means Bangel can be exposed to the air for more than half a year without losing functions. 
  • significantly improves controllable drug release.

In short, Bangel is an upgraded hydrogel plus secondary dressing and optimal drug delivery platform. These all-in-one features satisfy all the needs of patients.

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