Improving transdermal solutions existed

Currently, in the Transdermal Drug Delivery market, there are mainly 3 types of solutions:

  • Traditional Dressing Material (e.g. cotton, jute, wool, foams, …) + a layer of the drug:

  • Cream / Gel + loaded Drug

  • Other Hydrogel + loaded Drug

These solution materials are with limited capabilities, considering low drug loading and release efficiency, inferior durability, and short curative period. This is a significant pain point for the Transdermal Drug Delivery system and has limited its application. 

Compared to other transdermal drug delivery solutions, the most revolutionary part of our “BanGel” origins from its stronger medicine loading & release capabilities. At the same time, BanGel has other outstanding material features (e.g. high waterproof, elongation, durability, skin affinity) to provide an optimal experience for patients, as well as very low production costs and biodegradability to provide economic benefits for manufacturers.