Yunsong Yan
Co-Founder, CEO&CTO

Ph.D Dr.Yan has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer since its foundation in 2020. His role on the team consists of commercial management, general administration, and R&D.

Yan received his PhD from the department of physics at University of Milan in 2016. Previously, Dr. Yan was a junior researcher and the group leader in organic chemistry synthesis and polymer chemistry synthesis in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. He focused on the 20 customized organic compounds synthesis from laboratory synthesis and middle-class scale production to pilot manufacture after graduating from Shantou University as the expert in chemistry for peptide-based drug delivery system. In Italy, Yan joined the ion gel team in Interdisciplinary Centre for Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces (CIMaINa) at the University of Milan and significantly contributed to the research on the design and synthesis of gel polymer for the application of bioelectronic device. As the first star-shaped cationic peptide and first ion gel-based actuator inventor, Yan was awarded by Guangdong province for the excellent master thesis and candidate as the amazing doctor in Italy. Currently, Yan is the author of 10 articles published in international scientific journals, including adv. mater, cited by 254 papers, and H-index is 8.