Made in Italy

Bang Nanobiotech s.r.l is founded in 2020.

To avoid side effects and pains from oral administration & injections,based on the 1st-time research breakthrough in last 30 years, we’ve developed an innovative dressing  BanGel, a versatile transdermal drug delivery platform, which can broadly expand the possibility of transdermal drug categories,
 solve all the limitations of other transdermal solutions, and maximize the value of transdermal drug delivery, providing for the patients an easy, smart, and efficient therapy!

Improving transdermal solutions existed

The limitations of transdermal drug delivery solutions in the market are low drug loading and release efficiency, inferior durability, and short curative period, like plaster, cream, gel, and other hydrogel.

Expanding the possibility of transdermal drug categories

With all-in-one features, BanGel is able to unlock the high potential of the Transdermal Drug Delivery System and expand the Madeline categories that can be delivered via skin.

Other outstanding material capabilities

Waterproof, elongation, durability, skin affinity, limited costs, biodegradability

BanGel challenges loading of unstable, oxidizable, and heat-sensitive active ingredients.


Moisturizing Anti-aging Whitening Lifting

Breakthrough technology

0% Preservative 0% Thickener 0% addictive

​​​​​​​​We welcome inquiries from potential new investors and partners as we raise funds to support the development and commercialization of processes and products. Currently, Bang Nanobiotech s.r.l.’s funding is from business angels and private investors, as well as the EU’s research and innovation program.
A robust business plan and promising projections underpin an exciting financial opportunity to work with us in the launching stages. Our phased plan offers the potential for a high return on investment. The board of directors, leading advisory team, partners and investors are highly respected in field of respective materials and venture capital industries. With the help of passionate support, advice, and guidance from them, Bang Nanobiotech s.r.l becomes a promising company owning several patented biomedical products and nanotechnologies. These patents further underscore the terrific potential of our technology in changing the face of the biomedical materials market.
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